Beyond the numbers.


Your finances are more than just numbers. Our staff works diligently to meet your short and long-term goals. We seek options that provide peace of mind, understanding, and get you excited for the future.


Accounting Consultation

At Edward L. Punua, CPA, Inc., our objective is to provide clarity by providing concise explanations to our clients wherever possible. By personally explaining tax laws and regulations, the client’s knowledge and understanding will improve as well as their confidence in their financial future.

By offering detailed explanations on accounting matters from source transactions to processed accounting system output, we not only provide the services requested by the client but help them understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it benefits them.  We grow together in understanding the company's key financial indicators and the company's team of unique performance qualities.  These factors can be benchmarked for future budgeting and performance monitoring.

Tax Compliance & Advisory

Edward L. Punua, CPA, Inc. offers year-round tax planning and timely interim and annual tax preparation services for individuals, businesses and tax-exempt entities.  We can advise you on handling delinquent tax return filings, IRS and state tax notice correspondence and other tax matters.  Dealing with the IRS and other related state tax issues can be complex and time-consuming.  We will be your advocate and relieve the burden of dealing with the IRS and state tax authorities.

We offer recurring payroll and excise tax services that can free you up from routine compliance burdens and allow you to concentrate on your business operations.

Financial Statement Services

Edward L. Punua CPA, Inc. offers options for your company's financial statement needs and to meet the demands of your business. We incorporate the latest technology wherever possible to maximize processing efficiency.  We also offer accounting reconciliations, general ledger adjustments and other services that may fit your unique situation.