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Areas of Practice


Accounting Consultation

The world of accounting can be tedious. We provide concise explanations on tax laws and regulations so that our clients’ knowledge and understanding improves along with their confidence in their financial future.

Edward L. Punua CPA, Inc. grows with its clients to  understand key financial indicators and the client’s unique performance qualities. These factors can be benchmarked for future budgeting and performance monitoring.

In our accounting consultations, we provide the services requested and further help you understand what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how it benefits you.


Tax Compliance & Advisory

Tax laws are constantly changing. We help our clients stay on top of tax deadlines and current regulations, and advocate for you when corresponding with the IRS and state tax authorities is necessary.

Edward L. Punua, CPA, Inc. offers year-round tax planning and timely interim and annual tax preparation services for individuals, businesses and tax-exempt entities.

In our tax compliance and advisory services, we free up your time from routine compliance tasks and allow you to concentrate on you and your business operations.


Financial Statement Services

Reconciling numbers can be a burden to managing a business. We work with companies to reconcile and report financial statements with a high-degree of accuracy.

Edward L. Punua CPA, Inc. provides unique options based on your company's financial statement needs to meet the demands of your business. We incorporate the latest technology wherever possible to maximize processing efficiency.

In our financial statement services, we run  the numbers so you have peace of mind that your business is in order.